When You Need Emergency Contraception?

Crisis contraception (EC) isn’t the substitute for standard conception prevention strategies or fetus removal in any case, as a matter of fact, is the “crisis” choice for ladies to keep away from pregnancy after contraception disappointment, rape or unprotected intercourse. Crisis contraception, extraordinarily Progestin-just conception prevention pills like Plan B, are encouraged to ladies looking for guaranteed activity to keep away from pregnancy. Such pills are encouraged to assault casualties and physically attacked ladies too.

Crisis contraception pills are otherwise ParaGard removal side effects called “morning-later”, “EC” or “Postcoital Contraception” in clinical terms. Notwithstanding, “morning-later” doesn’t imply that crisis contraception pills to be taken in the first part of the day. It ought to be taken as endorsed.

Kinds of crisis contraception strategies :

These are accessible in comprehensively three ways though two strategies are in pill structure and one more is gadget known as intrauterine gadget. Two kinds of pills are progestin-just like Plan B and common consolidated conception prevention pills (progestin and estrogen). Intrauterine gadget is likewise utilized as crisis contraception and recommended to ladies who are sensitive to progestin or estrogen based pills. IUD as broadly called is little, T molded plastic gadget with a string connected as far as possible. It is embedded through cervix and set in the uterus to forestall pregnancy. A little string drapes down from IUD into the upper piece of the vagina.

How Emergency contraception pills work?

Like other contraception pills, EC works by halting ovulation (i.e arrival of eggs) and forestalling sperm to meet with eggs for preparation, consequently there is no pregnancy.

When to take Emergency contraception?

EC should be taken when the unprotected intercourse has happened. Progestin-just pills like Plan B preventative pills are accessible in two tablets. One pill should be taken promptly followed by next with 12 hours separated. However EC pills can be taken upto 5 days i.e 120 hours, nonetheless, Progestin-just pills like Plan B are successful for upto 3 days i.e 72 hours.

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