Top Signs That You May Be a Movie Junkie

Thanks to modern day technology, people can now have their own copy of their favorite movies to watch over and over again. DVD movies are an excellent way to enjoy this luxury of having your very own copy of your favorite movie. Unlike their predecessor the VHS tape which had to be rewound Kuttymovies and had a propensity for wearing out and messing up, the movie does not have to be rewound and if taken care of properly will last a lifetime or few.

The best advantage is that you also get a lot better picture quality as opposed to video tapes. This is good news for die hard movie fans who love to watch their favorite movies multiple times. This is also great for people who like to watch a movie at their convenience and don’t want to be bound to watching a movie at a certain time.

In the grand old days, movies – believe it or not! – were shown in movie theaters. It was a big deal to get in the car and drive to a movie theater, buy some popcorn, and be ushered into the dark to find a seat. The floors were sticky with spilled drinks and you didn’t want to reach under the seats for any reason at all.

The movie theater was where you could go for a date and during a two hour show start holding each other’s hand and know that you were now in a relationship. Even longer ago, there were also drive-in movies. Load the kids, who are dressed in their pajamas, in a station wagon. The first feature was always kid-oriented and then when the kids fell asleep in the back seat or way in the back, there was a movie appropriate for grown-ups.

You had to be careful not to drive away with the speaker still stuck in the window. Now we can buy dvds of any movie we want and watch them in the comfort of our own homes. I must admit, it saves gas and it is nice not to have to get in the car and go somewhere for this kind of entertainment. And yet…few things smell as good as movie popcorn with extra butter!

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