How to Create Additional Income From Online Gaming

Do you think you have what it takes to test and improve new or existing games? Would you like them to explain all the myths and lies to you, as well as teach you how to get in touch with those companies that are actively looking for a player? of all levels to test new and future games even before they hit the shelves?

Well, look no further …

“Common myths”

1. Only experienced players can test and evaluate games!

This is only true for certain types of games, such as browser-based internet games, as a high level of technical knowledge will be required for troubleshooting purposes; otherwise, gamers of all experience levels must provide companies with accurate feedback across a broad spectrum of their target demographic. .

2. There is too much competition for these positions!

While there is definitely a lot of interest in these positions, there is still an INCREDIBLE shortage of players who are available or interested in trying certain games, as most players will likely want to try only those games that belong to the genre of their interests. particular game.

3. There is not enough work to generate a decent income doing this!

DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!! These positions are not “JOBS” in the ordinary sense of the word. In fact, these positions can be more compared to starting your own business. If you need a “BOSS” to tell you how to spend your workday or when to clock in and out, then these positions are not for you. If you’re going to sit around waiting for companies to contact you every time they have a game that you might or might not be interested in, then this is not the position for you. You will be asked to actively pursue these opportunities for yourself until you are well known enough within the testing community.

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