Full of Happiness – Maintaining the Joy of the Lord

God is wonderful! I’m making some unpleasant memories, and my pathway appears to be marginally hazy. At last, I ought to be down, yet I’m not on the grounds that I realize God is in charge of my life. The Lord hears my supplications similarly just as yours, however you need to understand that God is all-powerful and He has everything taken care of.

Storms are just brief importance they don’t keep going forever. Regardless of how unforgiving or rough the tempest might get, there is consistently daylight once it passes. All in all, what’s the significance here? It essentially implies that there is a little beam of trust toward the finish of each awful circumstance.

“Try not to distress, for the delight of the Lord is your solidarity” – Nehemiah 8:10b. Despite what state you’re in, forever be upbeat. Assuming you have acknowledged Jesus Christ in your life as your own Savior and you accept this, then, at that point, the soul of the Lord abides in you. Presently you have trust and the delight of the Lord abides in you. In the event that things are going great, be glad. In the event that things are not going so all things considered, still be cheerful. Trust in the Lord that He has everything taken care Give thanks to the Lord of regardless the situation is. He has everything in the center of His hand. Things may not look so well at this moment, yet I promise you that all that will turn out great all around. Keep in mind, we can just see a piece of the image, however the Almighty God sees the entire picture.

Nobody truly knows why certain things occur. I know everything occurs for an explanation; more often than not it outperforms our insight. “My brethren, count everything delight when you fall into different preliminaries, realizing that the testing of your confidence produces persistence” – James 1:2-3. Despite the fact that we can’t generally pinpoint the specific reasons things occur, nonetheless, a few things occur for life illustrations. We have confidence in God through different preliminaries since we realize the Lord will bring us through.

One thing I start to acknowledge when I face preliminaries is that it can’t be simply awful. You ponder internally, “You know what, it can’t be that terrible.” Then you grin to yourself and say thanks to God for being your Lord. God is so enormous; He is a lot greater than any issue you might confront.

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